Talking to Myself


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The sixth solo studio album from SPAN PHLY.


released March 4, 2014

All songs produced and written by J. Alberdi



all rights reserved


SPAN PHLY Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Type Invincible
type invincible/ used to be cynical/ and then I realized that life was too short to always be miserable/ literally intense in a figurative world/ resilient to all these idiot girls/ keep that drama to yourself/ we can read it on your face/ read the rules off your belt just to put you in your place/ never could erase those flashbacks/ can't have a chance when you have all those drugs in your backpack/ tired of being laughed at/ backtrack to the time when you had self respect/ no time to recognize the neglect/ realize the defense mechanism is broken/ and those hurtful words are hardly spoken/ confidence erosion/ explosions of emotion/ I'm hoping that you get it/ face it and I'll eventually float up to the limits/ man up or become another victim to the limits and I'll eliminate your vision in an Arizona minute/ it's how I'm living and I'm getting better every day/ slowly winning and improving in every way/ get me straight cause it's coming off clearly/ you don't show respect but it's obvious you fear me/ never coming near me/ solo forever/ always heating up/ and so goes the weather/ clever and articulate/ often insignificant/ remembering a little bit of that life that got you in this predicament/

never leaving/ every evening/ bleeding easy/ steady breeding/ heavy breathing/ please believe me/ intriguing/ spring cleaning/ sneak demeaning/ understand the translation but don't speak the meaning/ leading by example/ ample opportunity/ clearing every sample out of fear of what they'll do to me/ lunacy/ lunatic/ new to this life/ but familiar with the pain/ struggle's the only constant that I can maintain/ living off of strange fruit/ going into work every day wearing the same suit/ same route home when it's finished/ somehow the accomplishments are always diminished/ breaking through the limits/ and living on the front line/ getting through the viscous by winning during crunch time/ one rhyme short of a profit/ no sign to be read telling you to stop it/ nonsense and caution/ threw it all away without an option/ eliminating toxins/ losing every auction/ cause the bid wasn't even big enough/ out there trying to live it up/ hard work really isn't luck/ for the people getting love
Track Name: OG
one day at a time/ rewind/ review it/ can't go around the pain/ you gotta go through it/ confusion/ loose interpretations of music/ combined with a life of constant moving/ stupid/ new ways of taking what you're using/ new ways of making a solution/ a blueprint/ my shoe prints weigh a ton/ no chance too afraid of what you may become/ far away from making love/ so now you just take and run/ never saying much/ moving the lips/ a glimpse into the day in the life/ of a bonafide/ genuine/ certified original/ intensified/ action the status is critical/ invincible/ off general principal/ cynical/ working on my optimism/ often considered pitiful minimal/ animalistic ritual sinful/ nobody ever said that life would be this simple


original/ cut from a different cloth/ miserable never really good at getting lost/ off in a fog searching for another light/ hoping that I make it through another night/

one day at a time/ stronger by the second/ first to lose at living like a legend/ never disrespected/ immune to imperfection/ every day my ways are less effective/ selective/ specific/ progressive/ perfected/ love in a way that can't be tested/ you guessed it/ never had to ask/ shouldn't have to/ should've known better than that/ wake up to you laying wait in a trap/ swimming these laps/ the day stays sad/ the face stays mad/ screaming take that/ while your waiting just to break back/ can't replace that/ aim at your disgraced past/ try to erase that/ pretending like you ain't mad/ different kind of brake pads/ no way back/ you stay safe and and away from everything you hate/ and replace what you hate with a different version of those mistakes that you make when you stay mad/

Track Name: Finest Features
you couldn't fuck with me/ try your luck with me/ never reluctantly/ approaching with a bad type of company/ the cats that like to run with me/ aren't the ones to act comfortably/ anywhere/ never scared/ never really functioning/ puncture wound sleuth/ truth telling violence/ wonder who can prove it with the new rules of silence/ divide us based on race and repeat what the crime is/ until you walk a million in my milage/ I'm smiling/ cause no matter how it looks to you I've got no regrets/ no missteps/ slow to rest and quick to get up/ who will miss us/ another hiccups/ this is a stick up/ so run that shit or meet the end of this one/ life to live or give up/ minute to minute while I'm in it/ similar to a scrimmage/ comparing myself to myself and either way I'm winning/ take it for what it is or end up living like a critic/ creating nothing while trying to explain the limits/ cynical at best/ festival of creatures/ who will reach us/ based on who has the finest features/ and leave the weakest/ survival of the fittest and I've been working out/ it's not about success now/ it's how to reverse the doubt/

you couldn't step to me/ show respect to me/ suffering endlessly/ squirming like a centipede/ search for the recipe/ a freestanding entity/ never needing a rescue/ left you with the enemy while settling in a test tube/ the rent's due and I'm still fucking hustling/ remember where I met you and fell in love for the fuck of it/ either call it growing pains or struggling/ either way I found out the amount and exactly what to give/ it must be my punishment/ rupturing your ear drums/ never running cause we fear none/ let's get this cleared up/ before we have to text those tear ducts/ if you hear one you've heard em all/ at a height that doesn't hurt to fall/ commercial calls in art reverse it all/ small time players in the big game/ trying to get fame/ and then a big name/ get brains and cop a thick chain/ live big off the same mirage that those kids claim/ sitting large atop the same spot in a big range/ insane/ switch lanes/ no signal/ simple with that get strange/ big bang no little/ slow trickle/ developed into the same size blow back/ no wax/ no facts/ been holding you down and you know that/
Track Name: Day 1
day 1 eyes open/ crime spoken/ lies soak in/ time frozen/ sublime smoking/ slow is the day/ never know what to say/ building a stage to perform on/ between genius and moron/ homemade and store bought/ where the wars fought/ where the poor caught a bad break/ and the wealthy can't be that straight/ damaged by the cascade of that hate/ late to the date with destiny/ anger got the best of me/ relentlessly/ impressively/ the type to suffer endlessly/ stuck missing the centerpiece/ defended me/ against the enemy/ sent relief instead of support/ been there before/ never no more/ under the floor/ your position is fetal/ reliving the evil/ seeing the sequel/ before the needle touches the grooves/ hearing the instructions/ before you needed to move/ nothing to lose/ smooth it over while your under their rules/


didn't come from the bottom but it was close/ how am I suppose to climb up to the top without a rope/ hope floats/ dope snows/ smoke rises/ day 1/ lesson learned in a life crisis/

day 2/ same loose screws to complain to/ strange to relate to/ the angry and painful disgraceful/ picking up the pieces/ constructing your thesis/ and exercising the weakness/ disregard the uniqueness/ extending the sequence/ defense wins titles/ push your rivals to the deep end/ remember to defeat them/ first try/ running for your life when the words fly/ high to hear the birds cry/ hurt life/ worst night of your life type of outcome/ the intense version of karma you can't outrun/ loud guns and quiet nights/ now wonder how I am right/ alive but barely sitting scary in a fire fight/ line of sight/ out of breath/ proud of death/ now or then/ cloud respect/ down to set up shop and delete you/ about to shout out how to stop and defeat you/ cop to beat the blocks with a rock its not peaceful/


day 3/ no way to escape me/ fake free/ make me blatantly hate the same scenes/ that replaced me with everything they could make bleed/ break teeth/ and repeat the same screens/ until the peasants can't read/ last breathe/ first breath/ work less/ examining her stress until you know your worth less/ picture perfect/ counting the days you have on earth left/ make the words stretch/ curse the hurt/ reverse death/ learn less is more when you're up against it/ finish your sentence with a period or repentance/ lessons disguised as blessings/ on the fence between progression and a miserable set selection/ get the message/ never left so there's no need to return/ lying in turn to flame the fires that burn/ writing my verse with the lines in the earth/ no reverse/ just the surface that is perfect for the first steps/ words left/
Track Name: Loneliness
last man on earth shit/ creeping to the surface/ worthless without a sense of purpose/ service/ cursive/ letters sent to soothe the nervous/ systematic fabric/ problematic as a first trip/ now I'm lurking/ hurting/ working towards that big dream/ perfect in return for hearing kids scream/ big leagues/ hope you miss me/ long gone/ strong arm/ sedative/ repetitive/ inherited/ imperative/ surrogate skin tone/ racism of righteousness/ delightfully sent home and well worth the price of it/ might just get/ a little out of hand/ demands and restrictions/ ignore the plans for constant contradictions/ gone to strong prescriptions/ enlistment and convictions/ listen to everything except the voice in the distance/ instance after instance/ pumping on your pistons/ never the person to be persistent/ just listen


falling down quickly/ back up/ stack up/ bad luck/ no one is going to wait for you catch up/ can't run/ stuck on repeat/ slow to speak/ even at the end it's no surrender and no retreat/ focus deep/ low to creep/ frozen speech/ layered over the dopest beats/ while no one is close to me/ hopefully/ I recreate who I'm supposed to be/ supposedly I'm styling all over your rosary/ none opposing me/ standing in the corner contemplating what's to come/ coughing up a lung/ suffering for fun/ running off the sun/ and living in the shadows/ while someone that you love has been winning all your battles/ and I'm fighting for my life and coming out ahead/ wronging all my rights and forgetting what I said/ instead/ left it on the line and live on the edge/ never press rewind until I'm already dead/

Track Name: Talking to Myself
I've seen cold nights and sunny days/ a runaway slave to the game on any given wavelength/ display strength/ stay safe/ and aim straight/ vacate the premises/ first through the entrance and always known to stay late/ it's may day/ so the frame rate's about to hit and increase/ convince me it was simply a misread/ the same speech that reduced your users to mince meat/ so miss me with that wimp speak/ muscle up to ten speed/ ten deep/ muffled like the sound of the deaf speech/ wondered why they left me/ impressively depressing/ selecting a new way to be neglected/ permissive enlisted without waiting for perfection/ a messenger killed in the act/ a scavenger looking for a new place to laugh/ sad no going back/ late and last on a path for self destruction/ I speak they say huh/ I say nothing bluffing/


late night lonely/ there's nothing else/ take time only repeating yourself/ nobody can hear you while your screaming for help/ don't worry about me/ I'm just talking to myself/

insomniatic/ panic attack maverick/ classic case of manic patterns and drastic habits/ on a cataclysmic collision course/ intricate intercourse/ like somewhere that you have been before/ not a minute more/ before you hit the door on the way out/ no dogs no signs reading stay out/ what you say now/ escaping on the same route/ going in the front door/ I'll be home in an hour not a blunt more/ what's more important/ sitting on the front porch scoring/ or recording with your homies that are the poorest/ cracking the fortress/ while I'm painting these portraits/ until my portions enormous/ of course it gets boring/ performance after performance/ the orders always the same/ heard what they say/ working to operate on a minimum wage/ conflict and shame/ lost in a day/ not what you want me to say so get to walking away

Track Name: Walking
watching winter turn to spring and fall fade into coldness/ there comes a lot of benefits with boldness/ fortunately I'm the one she's trying to grow old with/ no time wasted never hopeless/ couldn't hold this/ all in/ nobody hears you while your falling/ hot walking away from your obvious calling/ cooking in my cauldron/ purposefully peaceful/ perpetrate a small sin/ leveraged into leaving it all/ left to fault him/ acknowledge that your knowledge isn't all spin/ and your familia isn't all kin/ nothing is real as losing what you put your all in/ watch this so you can remember how to fall in/ love/ nothing much just the potent stuff/ not trying to get emotional/ waving like the ocean does/ no one knows of us/ so they're supposing stuff/ we are on point and nobody can come close to us/ everybody wants the dopest one/ that exclusive no one gets/ I do it in a way that no one can suspect/ so couldn't be subject to missing the sunset/ run left right before you head into what's next/


it's like a Sunday afternoon how I'm cool with it/ keep it classic your coming up with new gimmicks/ smooth finish up until you get it/ through your head that truth isn't/ always what it seems to the naked eye/ so my minds in a different state/ money that you didn't make/ eating off my dinner plate/ wonder where you get your weight/ for your time to come cause it's mine still/ if my voice doesn't touch you then the lines will/ crime kills/ get your spine filled/ why will a man leave a life that his mind built/ nothing changes life like time will/ I'm still searching for a soul that I've spilled/ my hill climbing skills are refined and my will/ is like something you've never seen/ forever green/ looking for something I never need/ a remedy/ steadily missing the centerpiece/ I'm heavenly/ remembering every word that you have ever said to me/


girl you're my drug of choice/ and every other voice/ fades into the distance/ missing the touch and subtle noises/ forget those other boys/ you've never had a man/ you've never had the chance/ you never know what you need to have/ it might take half a decade to complete our plan/ meet a fan of yours that you never knew you had/ couldn't let it pass had to make it happen/ make a life with you instead of dreaming about rapping/ now having a day off is a blank slate/ wandering through life inspired by a brain wave/ save dates/ remembering the same place/ sitting in the same booth/ sharing off the same plate/ may day/ not exactly how I planned it/ no more panic/ around the planet screaming about the magic/ tantric/ love at first sight type of automatic/ now we're laying on a mattress planning out how it should happen/

Track Name: Together
smooth sailing/ new failing/ old success stories/ finding what is best for me/ wondering what you'd get for me/ traded in nameless kin that will always rep for me/ came to sin sacred hymns that you'd recommend for me/ steady bench warming and open house hunting/ catch me on a stage/ stuck in a haze/ down and out running/ loud money quiet business/ you sound funny coming here for a living/ you find out what you're missing/


closed curtains/ no working phone keeps ringing/ so certain/ slow hurting/ lonely keep singing

bring it to your attention/ honorable mention/ blessed and left with regret while getting sent to detention/ sent me to heaven/ while I was living on earth/ respect and daps for putting in work/ cynical words/ invisible perks/ miserable jerk/ living his life/ in a viscous cycle of not getting it right/ correct and polite/ introspection for life/ let me divide and conquer what's mine/ trying to find some sanity inside of my mind/


together at last/ dying to smash/ staying up late/ waiting to relate to these raps/ for making me laugh/ breaking down the guard gates/ saying you hate watching me walk away then fade into those dark days/ speed up my heart rate/ hoping we don't part ways/ disregard race/ on a rock between a hard place/ smiling through my scarred face/ ending in a car chase/ crashed then laughed no matter what we did it our way/

Track Name: Have a Heart
broken/ heart frozen/ lost in the oceans/ emotion shouldn't be shown unless you get open/ I'm floating down to the location where they hate this/ same feelings replaced with different faces/ say it out loud but be careful who you swing at/ your mad right now but you don't really mean that/ and it's not what you want but where you be at/ react/ relax/ detached/ she snapped/ and I got mad as fuck trying to get it back to love/ no fighting/ all thunder/ no lighting/ add it up/ can't be trust/ manning up/ taking care of business/ can't erupt again/ already begged for forgiveness/ it's a sickness/ no way to live/ so I give and I give until I've been completely torn apart/ reliving the sin and simply missing the mark/ scarred from the freshest of starts/ I thought that you'd have a heart/


I hate it but I love it/ you have to fight for something/ or with someone/ undone/ run from your loving/ couldn't function/ stuck on a sadderday/ stuck with memories you can't erase/ the person that you can't replace/ I'd rather have an average pace than be callous and scatterbrained/ out of date past my expiration/ no way out she doesn't hear your explanation/ loud abrasive/ complaints of constant complacent/ product placement/ constructing a persuasion/ relationships grow into co habitation/ half man half amazing/ fighting over your days/ and sleeping mad through the night so I stay in/ happy as you make it/ lacking infatuation/ matching imagination/ status interpretation/ conflict complications/ like I was never smart/ turn arguing into art/ I thought that you'd have a heart/

Track Name: Paradise
I woke up with last night in my eyelids/ searching for my sanity/ by any means to find it/ rewinding through the timeline relying on the climate/ blowing through your signage/ flying like a pilot/ higher than you're climbing/ lower than you can dive/ how're you supposed to thrive/ if you barely make it out alive/ down to ride or die on the cross/ the feeling that never stops/ like every time you took a loss/ so now I'm off to keep it moving as smooth as it gets/ steady losing never do it out of fear or regret/ I'm sitting here on the steps/ burning my herbs/ working/ turning the heads/ perfect for the hurting because she's been so perfect for him/ worthy of sin/ begging for forgiveness/ a misfit with no chance to lift this/ permissive/ it's just how I'm living and I'm getting so used to it/ just do it/ swoosh movement/ loose looping back until there's truth to it/


it's like the words that I've been scared to write/ eating me up just like a parasite/ for all the people that still care to tonight/ we're just trying to find our way to paradise/

euphoria/ ignoring all the problems of the world/ waking up to get to say I love you to my girl/ curled up whirlwind/ girlfriend/ and I ain't perfect but I know where I'll be when the world ends/ burning both ends/ left with no friends/ low rent/ tenement/ my sentiment is no left evidence/ benefits from having the friendship/ and it's not how you start but how you end it/ happiness without getting arrested/ invested in the present/ blessed with the affection and less needing attention/ more gaining perspective/ lessons without the stress of being tested/ the best without the perfection/ less egocentric/ free to leave and blessed with/ the gift to see the message/ it's nothing less than trees for breakfast/ clean and freshness/ so please respect this paradise as my invention/ no need to believe that you can exceed all my perfection/