Nothing Lasts Forever


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The 5th studio solo LP from SPAN PHLY features 11 songs.


released September 9, 2011

J. Alberdi



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SPAN PHLY Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Gentlemen's Agreement
I've come a long way but I've got much further to go/ so it's either starve at home or get my work in on the road/ and since no one wants to feel alone I'm always slow to push go/ and don't know if I'm ready to be put on all the good shows/ I take my work load/ and put it on my back/ retract any statement made while I was slaving for a stack/ found a new way to react/ and lost one to relax/ had an asthma attack then crashed into the tracks/ fade to black/ before you had a chance to make it back/ staying through a heat wave in your house that's made of wax/ the climax is never worth the anticipation/ life is tantric more about your accumulations/ so you could be moving weight or hand to hand bandaging/ trying to be optimistic while ignoring the damages/ and the camera is candid but no one's watching the channel/ I'm on a panel with amateur's who keep running out of ammo/ evading the scandal while trying to clean the living up/ learning how to handle the disappointment of giving up/ many come and go before someone actually stays/ and I've had to play a thousand shows before I finally got paid/ it's a slow and steady way to make it in this day and age/ where everything is free except for what you wish to say/ download it/ who really needs to sit and hold it/ it's like trying to save your soul when you already sold it/ went from hopeful to hopeless in a blink of an eye/ just like a pilot who says that he only drinks when he flies/ there's a place and a time/ to erase from my mind/ that we are all derived from the same ancient line/ the power to rewind/ reflect and recline/ is the only incentive against getting left behind/ see a gentlemen is someone who has everything he needs/ with nothing to desire and nothing he can leave/
Track Name: Tell Me
I hope that time treats you kindly/ is about the nicest form of prophesizing/ so I've opened up my eyes as wide as I can/ so my mind can take it in/ smiling living inside the graces of your sin/ the faces of your kin/ disgraceful to your skin/ so it crawls away in vain/ the pain makes the blame game fade away into the shade/ you can live by the sword/ still die by the blade/ you can get away but there's no escaping the grave/ taking your place/ before somebody takes it first/ if you plan on putting in work/ then blame the curse/ you better make it hurt/ my personal mission is based on vertical words of wisdom/ commercial listeners converted in my jurisdiction/ commission based until they bring in the replacements/ face it when the faces show your actions have been complacent/ the moment you think you made it's the moment that you've been made/ too comfortable lost the hunger/ time to get out of the way/


Tell me what do you know/ tell me what have you done/ tell me where do you go/ tell me what have you won/ cause if you want to get with it/ come and get it/ but I'm not going to get at you/ I'm going to need something that's more substantial

Rabbit race running/ all or nothing/ live loving/ type fronting on your people/ praising evil/ writing rubbish/ coming down up off your high horse/ what you think the good lord blessed you up with those eyes for/ to see everything except the divine source/ and if everything happens for a reason/ there'd be nobody leaking bleeding feinding for something to eat/ beating for what you believe in until your forced to retreat/ stand up on your feet/ never conceding down on your knees/ follow my lead or get in line just like the rest of em/ swinging back and forth just like a pendulum/ I'll show you how the west was won and lost in the same day/ corrupted by the function of a misplaced brainwave/ gone crazy for fame's sake but take it back to where you lost it/ wouldn't crack but had a certain lack of conscience/ my rawkus mentality was all in on the razors edge/ so walk a mile in my shoes is a phrase that I will never say again/

Track Name: Thought I Knew
There's no place that I won't take it/ no person I won't take it to/ so fake it til you break it and we'll see if you can make it through/ I stay this smooth/ cause I can prove/ that every word I say is true/ but only time will tell if we can say the same for you/ so make the same excuse/ while I take the layman's use/ and flip it into a new rendition of what you came to do/ I aim to shoot straight and say what I mean/ I'm only scared of heights, failure, losing loved ones and IV's/ it's fortunately not something I see/ I surround myself with help, support, love, luggage, substance and peace/ and I stay stuck like you wouldn't believe/ cut into pieces to release it while I suffer relief/ run in the streets/ playing with fire in traffic/ while the addicts sit and ponder/ if they never would have wondered from the proper path/ cause one persons gateway is another persons launching pad/ and for every cold turkey someone never made it off of that/


I thought I knew but I was so sadly mistaken/
Waking up to find your time has been escapin'/

Cut out the hard shit/ avoid most of the hardships/ inundated slave to trading wages in for garbage/ witness to the carnage/ while living on a pardon/ rippin up your arms and sniffin up all that emotional scarring/ forgive the harshness but it's the only way to get through/ and I was thinking something else when you said they'll never forget you/ trading checkers in for chess moves/ while living in a test tube/ and you left your right to life while searching for a god to bless you/ and my success proves nothing at all/ except the harder they run then the harder they fall/ back and forth pick your spots/ a little lopped off the top/ a lobotomy done properly will make all your problems stop/ it's a shot in the dark/ winning the war of art and you'll never make it too far unless your life gets torn apart/ my days start the same way that I end em/ and if it wasn't for this heart/ I don't think I'd find a way to defend em/

Track Name: Nothing Lasts Forever
Nothing stays the same and they say it's the only constant/ the days waste away til your left with an empty promise/ less than honest/ modesty and moderation/ save yourself from the stress and reinvest in your education/ we can't just make it all stop in a good spot/ cause somewhere else someone is having the worst moment of their life/ and if it was possible and it could stop/ I don't think you would want/ to walk around with the thought of the pause button on your mind/ it's a climb with a similar destination/ and you can control the outcome and how you get there/ so it's about your mark and how you decide to make it/ statement of patience while waiting for that breath of fresh air/ instead of fighting the system/ use it to your advantage/ it's cliche but don't take any moment for granted/ cause one day you won't have it and at that time you'll either be fulfilled or saddened/ by what you did or what you hadn't/


It only happens once
It only happens once
It only happens once and since nothing lasts forever I'm a make it to the front/

Because you can't stay here/ and you can't take it with you/ no amount of money will help you forgive you/ so we rewind on the good times and shit we've been through/ while fighting with that percentage of our brain we misuse/ I hope they miss you/ ripping through the issues/ thinking that your miniscule life exists to fix you/ cause it all starts and ends inside of your head/ so find enlightenment and try to get used to faking your death/ when it's all said and done/ I'll be the one who let it run/ and said his piece while making peace with everything he said he loved/ and everyone who had a problem never solved it/ trying to be the man but the door was always revolving/ evolving out of that child like phase of playing head games/ is the only way to live to see your best days/ regret pays a visit when the hour glass is made up of the sand that was inside it/ there's nothing left to count and keep the timing/


I don't seize the moment/ I free the frozen/ proofreading my eulogy rudely in the open/ comatose/ slowly slipping away to the potion/ only hope is some focus through all the commotion/ so I suppose it's the reason I show so much emotion/ and have so little to show for my intelligence quotient/ doubt is potent/ sent my life in slow motion/ floating up in the sky while trying to find a sign to go with/

Track Name: High Road Hopes
This is for people who set their own traps up/ this is for people who never shut their traps up/ this is for people who snatch up/ the weak minded bad luck/ down and out believers of any story you hatched up/ cause I can take it way deeper than all this rap stuff/ and I can leave your whole belief system smashed up/ so you can judge/ and I won't budge just acknowledge that I won until the day you meet your master/ natural selection it reigns supreme/ and there is not a thing that you could say to change the way I think/ stubborn cause I'm loving the way that I make believe/ running trains on the same wavelength that sank the seas/ so subtly I'm running these fundies straight out the scene/ so you can love me cause I'm the only one saying what you scream/ so hopefully my poetry's not labeled as obscene/ cause I'm the only one that's trying to blow some smoke through the screens/ no chance at getting me down to count all the sheep so I'll keep my vices discreet while trying to find some sleep yo/ hitting all my free throws and sniping on the breakaway/ coming up on some clean clothes defending what you claim to say/ nothing is sacred hope you escape where I've been aiming at/ once destruction's been done there's nothing more to say to that/ hope you make it back/ cause your far from where you need to be/ worried about believing and ignoring what you seem to see/ I'll take the suns word over your sons word/ shining bright enough to leave you with a sunburn/ and if it's unturned realized that it's absurd/ trying to break it down and out while your mother's stuck on all the uppers/ saying one word/ over and over trying to rhyme/ so my life is something I'm starting over trying to climb/ and since time is close to over/ I've got to try to either do something with my life just keep living a lie


I'll take the high road/ you take the high hopes/ finding balance like I've been walking on tight ropes/ with my eyes closed/ I'll make the sky float/ so you can live fast knowing that you'll die slow/

It's that life's never complete without/ feeling that I speak about/ that deep in your chest sense/ that this could really bring it down/ I've been out a few times while trying to break in/ but couldn't feel comfortable while wearing the same skin/ the same spin just different motivations/ and many different ways to upgrade the situation/ opposite operations/ but facing the same set of obligations/ complicated cause the anger stays lost in observation/ explain the future without using constellations/ but the sacred praise that's painless doesn't please the congregation/ I live my life like this/because it's what you make it/ I stay repeating these phrases until you know my mission statement/ it's hard to prey on patience while they wait to be mistaken/ so try to stay awake and never cave to their persuasions/ presumptuous and immune to conversations/ one way no one's listening to what your saying/

Track Name: Conceding My Profits
I'm looking for that quiet moment/ finding my peace in completing my atonement/ defeating my opponents/ rereading what I wrote and releasing all these poems/ receiving all this dope/ while I'm smoking these components/ so my people know it when I'm floating through the sound scape/ losing your religion cause my rhythm makes the ground break/ and while I'm at it I'll just separate the seas/ cause this is how it is and this is how it used to be/ and I'm sure that you thought you'd never lose to me/ usually I don't show my teeth until I'm about to eat/ and I don't step out in the streets unless I'm ready to compete/ so if you've seen what you've seen and still think what you think/ then you must have caught up on Z's when you needed to blink/ so when reality seeps in and you fall off the deep end/ we'll see who can be friends without needing to speak/ and you know who I mean and who you needed to be/


I'm trying to get some rest cause I've been so exhausted/ trying to find a way through the maze of my conscience/ nauseous / wading through the lame and obnoxious/ lost it/ conceding my profits/

I'm trying to think of something clever to say/ a job that only pays minimum wage only gets in the way/ it's time to stop and smell the roses/ fell beneath the hopeless/ stuck screaming for help but nobody seems to notice/ in a fleeting moment/ soaking in a tub of my tears/ grown to know nothings ever as it appears/ what you no longer fear/ you hear inside your dreams/ nothing but the sound of anxiety piercing through the screams/ like a monster/ standing on the stage like a launchpad/ trying to catch a contact/ while chillin with my comrades/ we off that/ and on to the next one/ about to show and prove to you the west won/ and if you think you messed up/ then you might be the best one to stand up here and share all your woes/ standing toe to toe with people in the know/ and I might not appear important but looks can be deceiving/ king of the evening/ cause the words I write down are with repeating/


My circadian rhythm beats to a different drum/ sleeping just to say I miss the sun/ it was for fun but now the purpose outweighs the practice/ answer only known by the person who asked it/ set off by a matchstick/ back when the art wasn't packaged up in plastic/ enjoy the moment for however long it lasted/ wasn't ruined by the masses/ it was ruined by the people who dubbed mediocre music classics/ karma's laughing at you thinking backwards/ but now I'm passed it/ trying to make this euphoria everlasting/ and if I'm ever asking for help then I must really need it/ if I'm ever swallowing my pride then I must need to eat it/ I'm the cleanest to reside in Phoenix/ so I suggest that you get right with Jesus/ or exorcise your demons/ try to fight the feeling cause it's quite demeaning/ when I'm seeing what I'm seeing/ so I'm gleaming beating you straight out your reasoning/

Track Name: Masterpiece Theater

I have to be something that I never had to be/ sacrificing my life to craft another masterpiece/ I can't believe that it's come this/ running with the wolves/ with the wool pulled over your eyes fighting the bulls/

you speak when spoken to/ there is no need to notice you/ I'm known to roam alone so there is no holding a home or crew/ only a chosen few/ I'm known to blow a shortened fuse/ never finding rest knowing that there is something more to do/ hope you have a point or clue/ I'm wasting precious oxygen/ it's obvious that you will never pay your rent with compliments/ my consciousness is nothing less than absurd/ with astral projections destined for dirt/ I'm bless with the words and cursed with the thought of it/ wonder if I'm waiting for death or the apocalypse/ question the monotonous/ intestinal fortitude/ regretfully monogamous/ got caught playing the field with one foot inside the sarcophagus/ the other in the coffin with nails right through the wrists/ questioning whether or not you exist/ so get popped in the ribs to talking with all the popular kids/ taught to resist and not get robbed for your kicks/ or lost in the mix/


It's those lost nights your out with your friends having some fun/ I'm locked tight up in the cut/ splitting a blunt getting it done/ nothing I chose/ it's obvious this is my road to go/ but the accomplishments keep fading/ and I keep growing old/ my role is slow/ but I play it like a prodigy/ so I'm about to go and make it mine like an apostrophe/ you couldn't possibly have been given what they offered/ I'm at the point where I feel like I deserve an apology/ for polishing off what was tainted to begin with/ a victim of circumstance and a lack of indecision/ my vision was in triplicate/ while living in the land of two dimensions/ and getting what I'm giving it could land you in detention/ avoid the lessons/ past the point of intervention/ redemption/ catch a blessing in disguise when your life improves/ lighting in your eyes when you find what you like to do/ so while I'm working on mine hopefully I can write to you/

Track Name: Hear You Talking
I've been kicking since before you even woke up/ tried to show you but you never even showed up/ it's not that your slow your just not trying to grow up/ I'm trying to build while you out there trying to blow up/ I must be nuts/ passing up on the chances/ the advances/ the awkward opportunities to prove you have the passion/ whenever it happens I'm sure to be there/ to repair the damage you did thinking that life would be fair/ do I sound like I have a reason to be scared/ I think not/ so I'm putting lines up in your head until you see spots/ go ahead and drink shots/ don't even mind me/ I find my pleasure on the business end of some refined heat/ you can find me in the parking lot/ I never pimp/ never push/ trying to cop me up some medicine/ a veteran in my state/ an OG in the making/ so you can say what you say while I keep bringing home the bacon/

People without money/ look at people who have money and act like being rich is something that magically occurs/ and the people with money know the only way to get money is to stop all that complaining and do some motherfucking work/ the truth hurts but a lot less than eviction papers/ so get a clue first and then ask for permission later/ off that prescription vapor/ to get a grip on all my fits of anger/ and anxiety while they lie about the forbidden dangers/ I say what's up to strangers/ and try to keep the peace/ and sneak a secret while I'm out there trying to feed the beast/ so see me sleeping in between deleting sheets/ and rereading what intrigued me to start speaking over beats/ what you seek/ may be on a frequency that you can't see/ our ability to perceive doesn't limit what could be/ our affinity for disease doesn't limit what can breathe/ and our needing to be believed shouldn't limit who can leave/

I can hear you talking but I don't know what your saying/ I can hear you talking but I don't know what your saying/ I can hear you talking but I don't know what your saying/ don't know what your saying/ don't know what your saying/
Track Name: Check Check
I'm four layers deep/ vaporizing in the cold air/ reflecting instead of complaining that our life is no fair/ fighting for the prize to hide that we are so scared/ afraid of what we know/ and always going no where/ there's those with fair focus/ and tad bit of talent/ and a few who found the potion but can't seem to find the balance/ meet the challenge/ running head on towards your pain and your past/ you can't go back and change it so it doesn't hurt to laugh/ hear the crash/ long before you ever saw the skid marks/ I made it this far hoping for my dishonorable discharge/ and it's obvious/ that hip hop has been a big part/ of every breath that I've taken and every blood pump that this heart/ has given me/ divinity has never been a claim/ I've either made/ or been a place that I have put my faith/ and I say it out loud so that there is no mistake/ at the end of the day/ I can't make the debate go away/ I found discipline at an old age/ I guess I got to live a bit/ it's what I get for having to be a grown up as little kid/ illegitimate/ you call it what you want to/ but you can't really make decisions knowing what will haunt you/ and you can't really change who will want you/ when you're that young/ just chalk it up to bad luck/ guess he was on a bad run/ now that's done and the cycles been broken/ I can stop waiting and start living for the moment/


Check, Check/ kill, kill/ you never can/ and I never will/ why because you're living every day like it's a part of your past/ not even waking up to play this game of chance/

Check, Check/ chill, chill/ I never can/ and you never will/ why because you're trying to make up for all the stuff that you did/ when here and now is the time and place to live/

Finding perfection in a pen/ and my zen wrapped in the loose leaf/ I wake em up again by steady playing where the truth sleeps/ and if it's too deep for you and yours/ then get up out my pond/ don't get all up in my business just to tell me what I'm doing wrong/ moving on/ and trying to keep it positive/ but when your biggest fear is failure and lack of accomplishment/ acknowledgement's the only thing that keeps me motivated and strong/ how you think I made it scraping for this long/ staking claims in the songs/ mailing myself the masters/ a poor mans copy write and a rich mans disasters/ even after I had made it in the eyes of all these rappers/ I realized work needed to be done to see my name up in the rafters/ if you have to remember my hall of fame career in one word/ humility/ followed closely by heard and hunger/ running up the numbers/ and trying to sway the voters/ and I'm still planning my set around the timing of the smokers/ so my loathsome ways ain't changing/ just time to rearrange it/ and since nothing is handed out/ this life is what you make it/ karma knows what you've put in and what you're taking/ and when it comes to collect/ there's no arrangement for the payment/ so I'm breaking down the bread/ and cooking up the bacon/ waiting for you to wake up and make up all the time you wasted/ replacements/ all the different faces they come and go/ but I'm the same like those two words you say before every show/

Track Name: Nobody Cares
I'm mad at the world for rewarding the wrong people/ and feel sorry for the folks who can't filter out the deceitfulness/ evil exists/ and if you ain't trying to see it/ you can't sink where you sit/ while I synchronize my life for those who bleed for this shit/ and if you don't believe me I'll show you how deep it can get it/ and if you think it's legit/ then we can think for a bit and come up with a way to either make them leave or get sick/ cause when you needed to split/ I was dreaming of turning demons into meaningless bliss/ screaming for my keep/ while trying to keep to the script/ so I stay beefing with police cause they can't even leave me to live/ and you can take one in the teeth for even thinking I'd quit/ so you can keep it on the secret/ that even when the pieces all fell apart I stood there scarred by the sequence/ tarred and feathered for teenage delinquence/ an oppressive message never measured by its frequence/


Nobody cares/ and nobody knows/ about anybody's problems or anybody's hopes/ cause it's us versus them/ and friends versus foes/ fighting to the end with nothing left to show/

I travel down the road less chosen/ down and out left broken/ about to bout with cowards who are out because the lefts open/ so you can close the right/ who've never known what hope is like/ the world will never notice fights/ you only bring to open mics/ you may own the night/ but still have to work the days/ you think it hurts to write/ it'll be even worse to say/ so if it's worth the pain/ that might be the price to pay/ trade it in a blink or spend your days drinking your life away/ trying to fight the fate/ never knowing what you might replace/ end up with a new life/ that might not be quite as great/ crying shame/ lie to face/ it's like finding your life's work in the fire place/ look forward to brighter days/ I write away the insults and operate off of impulse/ avoid a life lived slow/ posted up with my kinfolk/ I'll show you how to get high/ others may say to get low/ it's simple/ we're all trying to get a look out the window/

Track Name: Excuses
There was a place in time when everything stood still/ legacy wasted while you patronize your skills/ shoot to kill/ lose your will/ find your fill/ victimized living life/ trying to write something ill/ you can call it confident/ you can call it elitist/ just don't mistake my arrogance for weakness/ so you can get lost/ kick rocks/ or other ways to beat it/ I gained another mouth and ain't no one else trying to feed it/ you can find me up late at night and early on the weekends/ I love it when the low end from the other room starts to seep in/ using sneaker boxes for acoustic treatment/ so boost the frequence/ and use tubes to reduce the peaking/ the growling of my stomach keeps my wife awake at night/ peace to all the people out there trying to make it right/ I love the purpose but I have to say I hate the fight/ so I'm about to take this drum and see if I can break it right/


You can make money/ or you can make excuses/ which one will your children remember you using/ losing out to those hard on the movement/ cooking up the blueprint/ for some self improvement/

So you can act like you know me/ but you're better off rolling slowly/ only looking out for homies/ and taking scalps for trophies/ Sophie's choice looking for which one to give up/ like the thought that goes through your head when you hear this is a stick up/ trying to live up to great expectations/ amazing race/ makeshift patriot/ laced with the basics/ trying to make it in this day and age/ where you gotta watch what you say/ cause it's too easy to get caught up in the matrix/ everybody's face lifting/ slap jacking their arrangements/ so I went back to where I started/ backpacking on the pavement/ never struggling/ just reconstructing a better statement/ through better patience/ more purpose and less persuasion/ more verses and less coerced discrimination/ hurting to keep working for something worth more than I'm making/ anguish mixed with motivation/ and the motive to keep going passed the pain and never stray from the foundation/